• Miembro desde,21 febrero 2032
  • ¿Tiene acreditación como profesional? SI
  • ¿Cuál es su acreditación? RPL DRONE PILOT 027550984
  • Importe cobertura seguro responsabilidad civil NO
  • Marca de dron DJI
  • Modelo de dron PHANTOM 4 Adv/Pro/ProV2
  • Precio por hora negotiable
  • Experiencia 3 AÑOS
  • Tipo de profesional Piloto y operadora

My name is Darren Twilley and I am an RPL licensed drone pilot with 3 years flying and 

operational experience.My experience includes mostly Aerial Mapping/Surveying and 

Structural Inspections.I am experienced with high accuracy mapping making use of 

RTK/PPK UAV and ground equipment.I am able to conduct full workflow operations 

including site evaluation, flight planning, ground control, equipment setup, data 

acquisition, data processing and client deliverables.I am experienced flying in most 

weather conditions and different types of terrain maintaining a high level of flight safety 

and planning to achieve the project objectives and outcomes.

I am motivated and performance oriented, I also enjoy the challenges presented by this 

new and evolving industry.I am able to operate as an individual operator or as part of a 

team.I am also flexible and willing to travel, myself having previously lived and worked in rural and unpopulated areas.

With my experience and knowledge, I hope I might be an optimal candidate for any 

position or project available


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